The Secret of Self Simulation

“A man is literally what he thinks, his character being the complete sum of all his thoughts... As he thinks, so he is; as he continues to think, so he remains... A person is limited only by the thoughts that he chooses.” - James Allen

Your thoughts are the foundation to everything in your life. They create your beliefs and those beliefs then become your reality. We are all in a process of;

Thoughts > Beliefs > Actions > Results > Feedback > Thoughts

For most of us the results we are getting are our only source of feedback. If we are having positive results our feedback loop propels us forward. If the results are negative we begin to deteriorate. The secret is you can intercept the loop at your thoughts and create an alternative feedback loop.

You can create new thoughts that influence your beliefs. This is "Self Simulation." If you then take massive action with your new beliefs, experience your results, listen to feedback and iterate your thoughts, beliefs and actions again and again you will become limitless. Taking ownership of this loop becomes easier over time until you start to have far more control over the person you wish to become.

Where you are in life, your current situation, it’s all your doing. It’s a result of your thinking. You created yourself and your life and it’s only you who is responsible for where you are right now and where you go in the future. 

We are not physical bodies bound to earth by gravity with a hopeless existence, we are a soul or spirit whatever that is, experiencing a consciousness and what we perceive to be reality is simply a magnificent illusion. We create our own realities through our thoughts, beliefs and actions. The best way to live life is to evolve yourself and achieve whatever you want, to become whoever you want to be.

We are not the highest version of ourselves we can imagine. We are the lowest version of ourselves we can accept. Understand that you will do nothing to achieve your dreams but fight like hell to not breach your standards. If you want to achieve your dreams and goals you must turn them into irrefutable standards.

Be constantly aware of your own patterns of existence. As humans we are constantly in conflict between the person we are right now and the person we want to become. The two selves are often at war with each other and create a waveform like pattern of highs and lows. Take note of the highs and the lows and look for markers to warn you of the turns so that you can catch yourself and correct them.

The key to all evolution is variation and when you start to grow tired of what is in the light you must face what is in the dark. We must understand the dualism that exists in our mind and lose the binary stance of one true right and wrong outside of morality and one true me and not me. Nothing is static and everything in this universe is forever becoming. The real question is: “Who am I becoming?”

Our minds are an on/off system that have been programmed over time to believe certain things and our experience of reality is simply the result of those beliefs. When we experience something or think of something we stack a rock on a particular set of scales, either positive or negative. Each belief is a scale and whatever side has the most rocks on it, that is the side we believe. What we believe is our reality.

Be constantly aware of mental feedback loops. What one thinks is what one thinks about, or in other words we become what we think about. A circular relationship where cause creates effect and effect bends back around and feeds back into cause in a self fulfilling reflexive cycle. Mental feedback loops can build you up to be the best in the world or break you down even to the point of taking your own life. Make sure you catch the downs and feed the ups.

Most people's character has become so strong and defined that it’s reversed the roles and pulling the strings on its own master. You have to pin your character down and define exactly who it is and what it’s capable of and then figure out what you really want to achieve in life and see if that character is fit for the job. If the character isn’t fit for the job it’s time to design one who will achieve it with ease and make the conscious decision to grow into it. Your character is changeable and you pull the strings.

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