The Power of Self Government

This article is about the principle of personal leadership and the idea of self government. A man who is able to define his vision, effectively manage his resources and self govern his life, will become successful.

The Perfect Government

Institutional government is a man-made construct that has proven itself to be ineffective. Societies have been searching for years to find the best way of governing other human beings, but the truth is we can never find it.

The reason is, the greatest form of government and the only successful form of government is self government. We are designed to govern ourselves, the further we move away from this idea, the more destruction we experience.

"Every step we take towards making the State our Caretaker of our lives, by that much we move toward making the State our Master." Dwight Eisenhower

Man was never designed to be governed externally. All countries suffering social decay are the result of lack of self government. People break laws personally and of course many people breaking laws personally ultimately produces public chaos.

The problem is we can't legislate self government. It must be learned and applied in the heart and mind of the individual. We have to promote self government through our own actions and through our connections in culture.

The Idea of Government

Governing is about order. Many of our ideas of heaven describe it as a place of "order." In fact whatever man does on earth that is good and leads to heaven is the creation of order from chaos. We use our creativity to move across these extremes.

The difference between bush and garden is order. We dominate in this world by bringing order to the earth. Whatever we decide is our work is a reflection of this idea and as long as we go about moving towards order we are working as designed, in other words we are fulfilling our purpose. Because of this, work is not just our labor or our job.

Find your work. Become yourself

Work is becoming our potential or as it's often stated, the best version of ourselves. Put even more simply, work is becoming. If we consider work as just the job we have, then when we "go to work" we have a problem. Something we "go to," we can also be sent "away from." If our work is becoming, then we carry our work with us, wherever we go. No one can stop you from becoming something.

This idea of work is the first and most crucial step in the method of self government.

What were you designed to be and do on this earth? Why are you here?

These questions are alone the most important part of self government. Work has been called many other things by great minds. These people also champion it as the first step in finding success. It has been called our Definite Chief Aim or Purpose. Many successful people simply call it their visiongoal or outcome in life. Whatever it's called, it will give you what you need to carry you through each day.

Another way of thinking about your work, is referring to it as your solution. You are the answer to a problem in humanity. You are absolutely necessary. Think of yourself as an assignment to solve an issue with humanity and you get paid only to the extent of the problem you can solve.

You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want. Zig Ziglar Once you have found this work, it becomes your mission. Each day you will take action that subconsciously moves you further in the direction of achieving this mission. It will sustain you and drive you, giving you meaning and direction through all the vicissitudes of life.

The importance of finding this cannot be overstated. If you don't have this written down, if you are not reading it every day, if it doesn't inspire you every morning to do your part and lift your burden... then you must dedicate all of your available time to finding it. This doesn't mean it can't change as you grow. But without it you will be like a ship with no destination, bobbing around in the middle of a life you never wanted. 

To help you find your work, start here. This article will help you to discover your work.

Cultivate - Manage and maximize resources.

Growth and development comes from management. When you are chaotic you repel resources, when you are organised you attract them.

- Management is the primary goal of mankind.

- Whatever you don't manage, you will lose.

- If you can manage a small amount, you will soon manage a large amount.

- You get given not what you ask for, but what you can manage.

"Manage the pennies and the dollars will look after themselves."

You desire a new house, but you don't keep your apartment clean. You desire a new car, but you can't keep your old one working. You desire a business, but you can't handle the responsibility of your job.

Management determines whether you receive what you desire.

If you can't be faithful over other people's property, you will not be given property for yourself.

Our ability to manage improves when we take it seriously. Learn how to manage each area of your life, embrace difficulty and find solutions. Having a problem solving mindset will be the catalyst that leads you to learn how to manage.

Solve Problems

When you discover your work and learn to manage you will come against many problems. These problems are the key to your greatness.

You are never remembered for the things you avoided. You are remembered for the things you survived. The demand for your time is tied up in your ability to overcome problems and design solutions. So face your problems and treat them as your path to greatness.

Maybe your greatness is in your neighborhood. It may be in the problem you drive past every day. Become great by looking for problems and finding solutions because every problem is a business. Be a business.

You have abilities and gifts, use them to solve problems. Solutions are filled with wealth. 

Problems change as time moves forward so we must always be changing, looking for our next problem to solve.


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