The Value of Time

“The reason why one man is great and another man is living in mediocrity is simply because one understood the value of time while the other did not.”
― Sunday Adelaja

Time is your most valuable resource. It may be free, but its potential worth is infinite.

Only those without an appreciation for time are content to waste it.

A life of 90 years in months

This is a 90 year life... Where are you on this chart? How fast are your months passing?


We are all allocated an amount of time to do with as we see fit, but not all time is of equal quality. Chance determines our quantity of time, we determine the quality...

Time must be invested in only the highest quality activity.

The quality of your time could be determined by three factors: vision, energy and focus. Absent energy you cannot act, absent vision you have no purpose, and absent focus you cannot actualise. Master all three facets and the quality of your time vastly improves, lack even one facet and your potential escapes. Vision alone is inadequate, and this is why many men dream but do not achieve. Vision bereft energy lacks the impetus to manifest, whilst vision bereft focus lacks the discipline to implement.

It is important to filter the information you consume, for you become what you expose yourself too. Watch mediocrity, read mediocrity and discuss mediocrity, and you are destined to be mediocre. 

Avoid the dramatic, but likewise the low value. Average people are a drain because the average are mediocre, they have no ambition for greatness nor vision, and thus an aspirational person has not the slightest hope of relating to them.

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